Fundito will be a program to addresses hunger in an efficient and discreet way that offers dignity for those receiving the help. This program will distribute custom debit cards that can be used to purchase complete protein burritos through local & national fast food chains to our hungry community, and is designed to scale nationally.

Burritos will be offered at reduced cost by each chain, to be spread into the most poverty-stricken areas. These burritos must include ingredients that make a complete protein source such as rice/beans or combination with meat & eggs, and can include anything else the chain would like to include. For example, Taco Bell could offer a burrito supreme or an egg burrito as well. This addresses a serious need, because latchkey kids & homeless folks do not have the ability to cook, and most items available in food pantries require preparation. The idea is to have a quick source of protein for those that can’t cook or are transient.

The Pre-loaded debit cards can be divided among the help agencies, churches, etc., and individuals can also buy them for friends, family or strangers at restaurant POS. They can then distribute them.