New Country Estates

New Country Estates is a program that will support homeownership co-ops in which residents own their homes, but also own the park, allowing them to keep monthly space rent low and predictable.  In larger parks, amenities such as wireless internet, water, trash & cable will be included in monthly space rent improving access to services for all.  Employment options will be available on site in the form of a call center and daycare/senior center. A community center will offer exercise equipment, a workshop, a stage for events & community garden space is planned. Initially the program will look to purchase and convert existing Manufactured Home Communities. In a related program, CreativWorx will purchase used manufactured homes, rehabilitate them, then resell them to low-income individuals with terms manageable to new buyers.

This is one of my most passionate and pressing causes. I want manufactured home or tiny home communities all over owned by the residents themselves. They will have shared internet, cable. I see a call center where people can work on the premises and they can use part of money toward down payment on home or to “bank” space rent payments for times when money is tight.

Community garden, stage, gym, game room / recreation center, greenhouse/garden, workshop, pool, spa. Half senior park, Half Family Park. Seniors can work in childcare center that can be operated by residents (jobs) or space rent credit.  As people age, caregivers living in the park could help seniors that need it in park and theoretically get some reimbursement for their time from state/fed programs. We’re trying to create a kind of  “Human Permaculture” here.